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2: one such as an organism, culture, or group that is part of a control experiment and is used as a standard of comparison the residents in the experimental group also seemed to have a lower rate of mortality when compared with controls Ellen J. Wörterbuch: controls: Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzung.
to relax price controls. die Preiskontrolle lockern to tighten border controls. die Grenzkontrollen verschärfen air traffic controls. Flugsicherungen pl automatic exposure controls. Belichtungsautomatiken pl MedTech. automatic gain controls. Schwundregelungen pl controls for operating. Bedienungskontrollen pl controls of epidemics. Seuchenbekämpfungen pl costs of controls.
Legislation on official controls Food Safety.
Competent Authorities must ensure a regular and timely publication of the outcome of official controls; these publications must specify the type and number of controls, the cases of non-compliance observed, and the cases where enforcement measures were taken and penalties were imposed.
Cash controls 2016 New proposal Taxation and Customs Union.
On 21 December 2016 the European Commission proposed to extend the existing controls on amounts of cash entering or leaving the Union equal to, or in excess of 10.000 euros. The measures will extend cash controls to unaccompanied cash such as cash sent in postal parcels or freight consignments and.
EU countries controls Food Safety.
In addition, they check proper traceability and labelling. These controls are organised based on the Member States Multiannual National Control Plans. Controls may consist of audits, inspections, the latter including documentary, identity and physical checks. Physical checks may comprise sampling and testing.
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Control Wikipedia.
Process control, in continuous production processes. Security controls, safeguards against security risks. Control, according to the ICD-10-PCS, in the Medical and Surgical Section 0, is the root operation 3 that means stopping, or attempting to stop, post-procedural bleeding. Chlordiazepoxide, also sold under the trade name Control.

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