Environmental Hypocrisy Still Exists

George Monbiot lately expressed a fastidiously calibrated environmental message that enables folks on the environmental left to really feel self-righteous without making any actual sacrifice. In a video that was shared broadly, together with by celebrities reminiscent of James Corden, the British author argues that the one means to assist the atmosphere is to alter the “large, structural, political financial stuff.” Monbiot concludes that we have to “go straight to the center of capitalism and overthrow it.” On the identical time, he dismisses “pathetic, micro-consumerist bollocks which simply isn’t going to get us anyplace.”

That is absolution for individuals who need to really feel inexperienced however can’t be bothered with going to the trouble and expense of really dwelling their very own values. Publicly advocating the “do as I say, not as I do” strategy reinforces the fact that conservatives are inclined to stay out the environmental ethic that the Left solely preaches.

As a conservative who has labored in environmental coverage for 20 years, I’ve been annoyed watching as ideological fellow vacationers keep away from environmental subjects, whilst they privately specific their dedication to environmental stewardship. Because the Left turns into extra indifferent from accountable and efficient environmental options, conservatives ought to confidently fill the void.